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Your new blog will be up and running by the time you’ve finished reading this article.The guide below is broken down into 5 simple steps: Using our tips, you’ll save time and money and get your new blog online faster.The expanse is huge – and one area of popularity is rewriting pretty URL permalinks.There are a few methods you can use to go about updating the default Word Press rewrite system.The newest updates to Word Press have allowed for developers to customize their personal website very quickly.It’s simple to update areas of your theme, replace widgets in the sidebar, and even write your own custom PHP code functions.It powers roughly 20% of the websites that are active today, and a huge number of those are blogs.It lets you customize your layout, create content, and expand your blog’s functionality over time.

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Blogging is a great way to express yourself, make new friends, and earn some extra money.

And it’s really easy to get started — even if you’ve never tried blogging before. We’ve compiled all of our expert advice and tips into this guide.

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