Who is wendy williams dating fox dating show 2016

I don't look at her as, like, a woman." The comments sparked controversy over the fact the Williams seemed to be body shaming Grande.

It even prompted the hashtag #Cancel Wendy Williams to trend on Twitter as fans of Grande banned together to try and get the show taken off air.

Obviously, now that a restraining order has been put into place, and with the news that Blac Chyna could also be filing a hefty lawsuit against Rob for what is being considered cyber bullying and revenge porn, Kardashian could end up paying hundreds of thousands in damages.

'The interview kicked off with Wendy gazing at the Achey Breaky Heart singer and saying 'I like your hair, it's really long. And so is your wife,'You produced a whole bunch of children, she's got kids before you... ' Wendy then asked, to which Billy replied 'six'.'All the kids are in showbiz ..."She continued, "When I decided to do this show I knew I would be letting the world see us. I'm watching," Williams told her audience at the time.But your horse face ass woke up on the wrong side of the stable and decide to go overboard with your f--k boy comments. "I'm watching because fortunately one of the TVs in our kitchen has closed captioning, so I'll be able to understand what she says. Beyoncé sounds like she has a fifth-grade education.I was married but I knew the circumstances weren't the healthiest, so I just kept pretending I was doing it.'Lamar told Wendy that he would never reconcile romantically with Khloe, explaining that he says 'that with no offense to her.''That would be the best for both of us - to keep our distance,' Lamar said to the daytime host.Wendy questioned him on how he felt about Khloe and her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, to which he said: 'They seem happy together.

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