Voice chating with sluts

In SLUT girls evolve before our eyes; their personalities are in the crucible of adolescence, their potential is unlimited.This is the story of women growing into their bodies, owning their bodies and their bodies being owned by others.Hell, I live a good bit of my personal and professional life on the internet I see shaming all of the time.People shaming their students, women, even their fucking pets because why?Let me start by saying that I’m at my kid’s school…a lot.I volunteer in the library, we teach extension type courses, I help with class activities. I say this not to bring accolades to myself as an involved parent, but to say that I know the kids in this (very) small school community very well.I was finally called into the room—AIB’s recent podcast featuring SRK brought back memories from that venue — at 10.35 sharp.I’d seen the beloved actor before at several media events but this was the first time we were introduced.

Recently I had to explain slut shaming to my 7 year old daughter. While traumatized by the whole event (me, not her) I did take some pride in the fact that it was not her doing the shaming, but other little girls in her class.

In fact, I started looking at the Twitter streams for a few of the ‘big name’ Twitter users.

I saw the same pattern: Twitter bigshot throws out statement, such as ‘The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing at all’, or some-such business witticism.

Then the Twitter power-user spends the next 30 minutes answering @ replies to his statement. I even tweeted this, saying something like ‘If all you do is answer tweets directed at you, then you aren’t engaging, you’re responding.’ Then after about 5 minutes of responding to ‘amen! And if you think about it, that’s how most of us use social media, because that’s how these sites have trained us to do it.

’ replies to my statement, a tiny voice inside my head said ‘hey dumbass, you just did the same thing you were trying to call out the Twitter ‘power’ users for doing’. Go look at your Facebook newsfeed: It’s an endless stream of friends and connections throwing content out there, then other people responding to it.

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They want to see change in the behavior of the shamed or they just want to make sure everyone else sees how outraged and judgmental they are?

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