Steryotypes in a dating relationship

This figure alone suggests that regardless of how long lesbian relationships last, lesbians get into new relationships faster than heterosexuals. How about the “lesbian urge to merge”—the tendency for lesbian couples to begin wearing similar clothing, sharing interests, and generally blending their identities much to the horror of their friends and outside observers?Since it appears that no studies have been conducted on the topic yet (Ph D thesis opportunity!There’s no data on how quickly lesbians really do move in together, so we have to piece the picture together using other data.

Some people also stay with someone just because they are handsome or beautiful.I acknowledge that we need to have a standard in finding someone that we would want to date or marry such as religion, attractiveness, social status, or the family background of that person.But I still do not understand how some people still stereotype others and would shy away from the relationship solely because of a preconception that they have about that particular group.Although the difference between the length of lesbian and straight relationships may seem significant at first blush, it may not actually be: 54% of respondents of the 2014 survey indicated they felt social media played a part in the demise of their relationship, something that was not around during the time of the surveys conducted of lesbian couples.In an article in the 1998 Journal of Marriage and the Family, psychology professor Lawrence Kurdek noted that gay and straight relationships degrade at the same rate, suggesting that if the lesbian community were surveyed again today, the average relationship length probably would have fallen to about three years as well.

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