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There’s only one woman in my life and that’s Emma Willis! There’s no nonsense ­ you want any advice, she’ll bring it.I was at her husband Matt’s Mc Busted concert with her recently and she said: ‘By the way, if the camera comes on us, we’ve got to kiss.’ She swears she never set this up, but the camera did come on us and we went for it ­ when you see the pictures, it’s really funny.Paris is a versatile and a very talented woman as she has established herself not just as a model and singer but also as a businesswoman, socialite, television personality, DJ, and an author.Paris Hilton was born on in California to parents Richard Hilton and Kathy Hilton belonging to mixed ethnicity of Italian, Irish, Norwegian, German-English Scottish and welsh.The glamour model, 38, was apparently rumbled by Argentinian model Penna, 31, after he discovered damning text messages from Cowell on her phone.

I guess I’m not that kind of bloke, but it’s cool to have them as that kind of support.” Bay is joined by Adele and Years & Years in having four nominations for Wednesday night’s ceremony.

Lara left the family home – which the couple share with their one-year-old son Alfred – on Tuesday, leaving David "devastated".

According to The Sun, Lara took Alfred and the couple's dog Bert with her when she left their North London home.

Personal life Paris Hilton has a long list of fan following and admirers irrespective of their genders. She has never been married which means no husband nor have any children.

He said: “My parents and my girlfriend keep me grounded in every way you can imagine.

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According to The Sun, the 31-year-old disliked her husband's "camp" persona – including his TV cross-dressing and his flirtations with Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent.

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