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In June, Apink's showcase encountered an unexpected hiccup after an anonymous threat claimed to have installed an explosive device at the venue, a claim which later turned out to be false.

Recently, responses from the singers have grown sterner.

And certainly no one had any idea that I was getting messages from my planet every day about how to make the world a better place to live. Carrie Fisher, , the actress reveals she had a secret affair with her then-married co-star, Harrison Ford—or, as she calls it, a "very long one-night stand." According to Fisher, it was an "intense" fling.

After the Mongol period, the manner in which white slaves were obtained basically remained unchanged, i.e., warfare and raids continued to be the main slave-producing activities. Poor parents who sold their children were a small source of supply of slaves. 110) in 1628 observed that on the ships that sailed with his from Surat to Bandar-e ʿAbbās there were “above three hundred slaves whom the Persians bought in India: Persees, Ientews (gentiles [i.e. ], and others.” Black slaves, of course, continued to be supplied from East Africa by sea (for depictions of a black slave girl and a black see de Bruijn, pls. Major upheavals were especially fertile in providing slaves; during the Afghan occupation (1722-30), for example, thousands were enslaved.

Tīmūr, for example, “had as many as a thousand captives, who were skilful workmen, and laboured all the year round at making head pieces, and bows and arrows” (Clavijo, p. Of course prisoners of war ()could be ransomed as happened to the Portuguese captured after the conquest of Hormuz (Anonymous, I, p. The regular Baluch incursions in Southeastern Iran and those of the Uzbek in northeastern Iran also led to the captivity and enslavement of thousands of people.

, which details her life before and after she came out as transgender in a 2015 television interview with Diane Sawyer. Which is why this is the first time, and the last time, I will ever speak of it."(2001)After repressing memories of her sexual molestation, Heche had a meltdown.

While Jenner's book deals with serious, personal matters, many other stars—like Jon Cryer, Tina Fey and Amy Schumer—find humor in the darkest of chapters. News highlights some of the wildest and silliest stories from 33 celebrity memoirs:1. "No one in Los Angeles had any idea that I had completely split from myself and become another entity inside called Celestia.

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One night, for example, CHEF MAIETTA was due to cook for a famous actress who could not tolerate milk, cream, or dairy products in her food.

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