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Appeals In certain circumstances the outcome of a student conduct proceeding may be appealed by both the complainant and the respondent.Appeals may be taken from determinations reached by the Community Review Board or an Administrative Hearing in writing by either the Accused student, or in certain instances as provided in this Code, the Complainant, to the Dean of Students or his/her designee within five (5) business days of receipt of the Notice of Decision.Julie and Hillary Goodridge, accompanied by their daughter, Annie, register to marry at Boston City Hall on May 17, 2004, as Mary Bonauto, their lawyer, and Mayor Thomas Menino look on.

We assist clients in taking back control of their lives with support, planning, and advocacy. If someone has physically abused you, or attempted to physically abuse you, placed you in fear of imminent serious physical harm, or has forced you to have sex by force or by threat of force, you may be entitled to a restraining order under G. Chapter 209A (sometimes called an abuse prevention order or simply a "209A").If the court decides to grant a request for a 209A restraining order, a judge may order any or all of the following: Your attorney will work with you to make sure your specific needs and concerns are met by the court. What Can The Court Order Under A 258E Restraining Order?What If I Am Being Harassed Or Abused By A Person Who Does Not Fit Any Of The 209A Restraining Order Categories? If the court decides to grant a request for a 258E order, a judge may order any or all of the following: How Do I Obtain A Restraining Order Under 209A Or 258E?In order to qualify for a 209A restraining order, the abuser must be related to you by blood or by marriage, or someone with whom you have had or now have a "substantive" dating or engagement relationship, or anyone with whom you have lived or now live, or your current or former spouse, or the parent of your child(ren).What Can The Court Order Under A 209A Restraining Order?

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