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The rule: Canada’s Minister of Transport, Lisa Raitt, joined Secretary Foxx to announce Canada’s new tank car standards, which align with the U. standard.“Safety has been our top priority at every step in the process for finalizing this rule, which is a significant improvement over the current regulations and requirements and will make transporting flammable liquids safer,” said U. “Through strong collaboration we have developed a harmonized solution for North America’s tank car fleet.I am hopeful that this kind of cooperation will be a model for future Canada-U. partnership on transportation issues.”Other federal agencies are also working to make transporting flammable liquids safer.New tank cars constructed after October 1, 2015, are required to meet the new DOT Specification 117 design or performance criteria.

At the 2010 United States Census, the city had a population of 77,344.

By the end of the nineteenth century Camden began to industrialize with the foundation of the Campbell Soup Company by Joseph Campbell.

Other companies such as the New York Shipbuilding Corporation and the Victor Talking Machine Company began their operations and helped Camden move into an industrial economy.

Around the turn of the twentieth century Italian and Eastern European immigrants had become the majority of the population.

The city was consistently prosperous throughout the Great Depression and World War II.

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After World War II, Camden manufacturers began gradually closing their factories and moving out of the city.

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