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And if you’re looking for something above middling in terms of plot, characters, world-building, even action sequences, you’ll need to seek it elsewhere.” If you’re still deciding whether or not to gamble the cost of admission on what critics have deemed a Diesel dud, take a look at eight more of the worst reviews available (so far) below: Chicago Sun-Times critic Richard Roeper: “It’s just deadly and dreadful, loud and obnoxious, convoluted and irritating, horrible and dumb.

The film arrives two weeks early on Digital HD July 15th.

It should be crazy fun on paper — Vin Diesel murders witches with a flaming sword!

–but the only thing ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Toronto Sun critic Bruce Kirkland: “‘The Last Witch Hunter’ is a horror-comedy. As comedy, it is horrible — except for a couple of silly Vin Diesel moments as he plays the title character.

If Diesel’s fans are just going for the action scenes, The Wrap‘s Inkoo Kang warned her readers “the editing is occasionally so choppy it’s difficult to discern what’s happening on screen.” “The narrative elasticity of magic — you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, to whomever you want — makes for a weightless story with little logic or stakes.

The convoluted plot feels driven by the special effects instead of the other way around.

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