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The element normally exhibits six allotropes and four oxidation states.

It reacts with carbon, halogens, nitrogen, silicon and hydrogen. Wahl by deuteron bombardment of uranium-238 in the 60-inch cyclotron at the University of California, Berkeley.

These health problems killed around 15.000 more victims in the years that followed.

The gas leak killed at least 4.000 local residents instantly and caused health problems such as oedema for at least 50.000 to perhaps 500.000 people.

Trace quantities arise in natural uranium-238 deposits when U-238 captures neutrons emitted by decay of other U-238 atoms.

Plutonium is much more common on Earth since 1945 as a product of neutron capture and beta decay, where some of the neutrons released by the fission process convert uranium-238 nuclei into plutonium-239.

Particularly the Union Carbide company states a much lower total number of victims.) The cause of the accident has been researched after the disaster.Scientists look at half-life decay rates of radioactive isotopes to estimate when a particular atom might decay.A useful application of half-lives is radioactive dating.Plutonium was first produced and isolated on December 14, 1940 by Dr. Wartime secrecy prevented them from announcing the discovery until 1948.Plutonium is the element with the highest atomic number to occur in nature.

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I see urban exploration as the hobby of appreciating things which, decades after their creation, still manage to make us open our jaws agape at the ingenuity of the human soul.

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