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Often we feel as if all we ever do is sin, and so many times, we fall to the same temptations over and over.

There the bonds are renewed with their colleges, and there we have an inspiring demonstration of a vibrant free society at play. A fourth on its way – produced by legendary producer Mike Vernon. Laurence and his crack band – Laurence Jones on vocals and guitars, Bennett Holland on keyboards, Greg Smith on bass and Phil Wilson on drums – put the power into their modern day blues rock with an edge. You can tell that by the Cheshire cat grin glued to his face during every gig. Laurence has raised money for “Crohns and Colitis UK” and is very grateful for the care and help he has received from the medical team at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Hailed as “one to watch” as a teenager by the blues media, concert/festival bookers, blues fans and various guitar stars alike, young Laurence really has come of age. Turning heads and making jaws drop with his take-no-prisoners, incendiary live set and his stunning records. He also needs to watch his diet carefully, pretty hard when your life is spent on the road on tour. You’d never know that Laurence copes with a debilitating health issue, Crohn’s Disease, a serious inflammatory bowel disease, which means he has to spend a whole day in hospital every eight weeks.Inspired by Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, Robben Ford, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Robin Trower and many other great guitarists, Brent is known for his explosive brand of Rock ‘N’ Rolling Blues.

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  1. And it got us wondering when, if at all, is it acceptable to use bad language in public? Lizzie Post: And even though they might be even well placed, this is a time that all Americans, young and old, should be able to participate and listen. There’s a reason people don’t use it, and I think they should be playing to as many people as possible as opposed to swearing and alienating some of those groups.