Ntpd not updating

The only custom package installed on it is Oracle's Java 8, everything else and its configuration is stock.Yesterday I noticed that the rpi time was wrong (after a short power failure).

IIRC, installing ntpdate 'fixed' it, despite being deprecated. Waited about 10 minutes to complete without any luck.I have several machines (on completely different networks) all running either 11.04 or 12.04.On all of them except one NTP works fine and the time stays sync'd fine.I would check the 2 other boxes DC1 & 3 to ensure they are getting the correct time. 1 u 40 64 377 9.468 0.209 0.129 -PRIVATE3 2 u 12 64 377 6.943 -0.270 0.142 -PRIVATE5 . I would also add at least 3 ntp servers to your config file to ensure stability and reliability.

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