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The Russocentric hypothesis, known as the New Chronology, is even bolder.

Devised by the mathematician Anatoly Fomenko, a professor at the University of Moscow, and based on the ideas of the eccentric Bolshevik Nikolai Morozov, the New Chronology holds that everything we think we know about historical dating is wrong.

However that book became for me the best cure for insomnia.

Who would have guessed that Spain’s next star would be a figure skater – a rebellious kid from a working-class background whose hard work and determination combined to make him twice world champion, and carve a legend on ice?

Also: Joseph Scaliger: A Study in the History of Classical Scholarship.

Volume II: Historical Chronology by Anthony Grafton (1993(4? Volume II concentrates on Scaliger's efforts to date the main events of ancient and medieval history, a study that required him to use both astronomical data and philological methods.

philologist and historian (chronologist), considered one of the most erudite scholars of his time.

(See: "Joseph Scaliger and Historical Chronology: The Rise and Fall of a Discipline." by Anthony Grafton (History and Theory, Volume 14, Number 2, May, 1975, Pages 156-185.

His main rival, a 21-year-old Japanese skater named Yuzuru Hanyu, had taken what looked like an unbeatable lead.The central concepts of the New Chronology are derived from the ideas of Russian scholar Nikolai Morozov (1854-1946),[1] although work by French scholar Jean Hardouin (1646-1729) can be viewed as an earlier predecessor.[2] However, the New Chronology is most commonly associated with Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko (b.1945), although published works on the subject are actually a collaboration between Fomenko and several other mathematicians.The alternative history proponents collectively make a huge number of claims regarding the past happened differently than the way establishment historians say it did.The Phantom Time/New Chronology claims are founded on a belief in an historical conspiracy operating during the late Medieval Period.

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Enriqueta López had to take something to calm her nerves before going to Boston Garden, where a crowd of almost 20,000 was waiting to watch the 2016 finals of the World Figure Skating Championships.

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