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Carol Ann Saari will never forget one of her patients describing how she got herself to work every day: by dropping acid to escape the gut-wrenching effects of sexual abuse flashbacks. And she's not the only addict desperate to escape painful memories or childhood trauma.

Another patient saw a horrific suicide as a child and turned to drugs very young.

Pretty much, they do as humans have always done since the dawn of their time on Earth.

We hear from educators within traditional public and charter schools — and we want to hear from you, too.

[Havoc] Ready for war, ready for anything But doing this for everything Y'all niggas know my pedigree Forty first side, blood run through my veins Got everything to gain Like to stock and change Got shorty in the hood on the ankle rocking my name Words that I spit, it's my brain and pipe game Call me your natural ?

How closely do these ideas resemble what we may be able to achieve in the next few hundred years?

The laws of physics and the principles of engineering will go a long way to helping us answer this question. We call it the speed of light – about 186,000 miles per second – because we first noticed this phenomenon by studying the properties of light, but it is a hard upper limit on all relative speeds.

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