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Both Paul D'Amour and Adam Jones wanted to enter the film industry, while Maynard James Keenan found employment remodeling pet stores after having studied visual arts in Michigan.

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Their efforts to unify musical experimentation, visual arts, and a message of personal evolution continued, with Lateralus (2001) and the most recent album, 10,000 Days (2006), gaining the band critical acclaim, and commercial success around the world.

Due to Tool's incorporation of visual arts and very long and complex releases, the band is generally described as a style-transcending act and part of progressive rock, psychedelic rock, and art rock.

Consisting of singer John Mc Crea, trumpeter Vince Di Fiore, guitarist Xan Mc Curdy, bassist Gabe Nelson and drummer Paulo Baldi, the band has been noted for Mc Crea's sarcastic lyrics and monotone vocals, Di Fiore's trumpet parts, and their wide-ranging musical influences, including country music, Mariachi, rock, funk, Iranian folk music and hip hop.

Cake was formed in 1991 by Mc Crea, Di Fiore, Greg Brown, Frank French and Shon Meckfessel, who soon left and was replaced by Nelson.

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