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The first, “Looking Back”, includes extracts from the work of Dennis Altman and his contemporaries at roughly the time Homosexual was released.The second section, “A dossier of gay liberation texts”, mostly comprises written and pictorial documents from the time the book was published.View the full list Dennis Altman was a young, articulate activist and out gay man when Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation, the book for which he is probably best known, was published in 1971.

The two communities overlapped in the large number of people, typically women and gay men, seeking "ski partners"—anybody out there who was awake, lonely, and wallowing in cocaine. The social transactions in this alternate universe were of the same finely graded character as those in my primary one; they lay in the cultivation of various ambiguous relationships such as those my friends and I performed daily. It's not that exclusive or whatever—he doesn't really keep people out so much. We would start finding each other tiresome in the next ten to fifteen minutes.

As a European-wide project is launched to examine children's use of online pornography, figures show one in four teenagers with access to the net view porn at least once a month.

For some it's an obsession, for others, an adolescent rite of passage.

In a fashion no longer possible except though the Internet, hours drain away. And sometimes it's easier to hang out with a stranger. I wished that I could just stop time for a moment, freeze it, keep the night from turning into day, keep this woman's old grandmother from dying in a nursing home down South, probably where she was from.

One sits immobilized and aroused, perusing a seemingly infinite number of sexual possibilities that seem tantalizingly immediate. I'm a friendly person, and I like a little adventure. Turning back the clock wasn't necessary; just the stopping would be enough, to be able to move around in time without experiencing its constant tug deathward. I stood up and paced over to the end table in the shadows.

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