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About 33 years ago in late 1981, Max Askaroff, the son of a Russian migr, came home to Eastbourne from an extended tour of Australia, bringing with him a large tarantula, a scorpion and a bulldog ant (that is about 25mm long) in a jar.

We are not sure if that was entirely in keeping with quarantine restrictions, but the specimens were dead on arrival in the UK anyway - and in a sealed glass jar.

A dialog tree or conversation tree is a gameplay mechanic that is used throughout many adventure games and role-playing video games.

When interacting with a non-player character, the player is given a choice of what to say and makes subsequent choices until the conversation ends.

LONI and the Center for Computational Biology in collaboration with the National Institutes of Mental Health. Toga, Animators: Ken Nakada, Tomokatsu Shoji, Hideo Kumagai, Amanda Hammond, Kim Hager, Andrew Lee & John Bacheller Ahmanson Lovelace Brain Mapping Center Blondies Sports Bar on the East Side NYC David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA Ross Hoffman Alfred Naomi National Primate Research Center at University of Wisconsin Oregon Primate Research Center Harlan Reiniger Resonance Technology Naomi Surgi Walter Williams Adam Zoghlin NOVA science NOW is a trademark of the WGBH Educational Foundation This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Called the "journal of record for the AI community," AI Magazine has been published since 1980. Standardized Tests as a Measure of AI Peter Clark, Oren Etzioni 37(1): Spring 2016, 5-12 How to Write Science Questions that Are Easy for People and Hard for Computers Ernest Davis 37(1): Spring 2016, 13-22 Toward a Comprehension Challenge, Using Crowdsourcing as a Tool Praveen Paritosh, Gary Marcus 37(1): Spring 2016, 23-30 The Social-Emotional Turing Challenge William Jarrold, Peter Z. Gaucher, Dario Gil 37(3): Fall 2016, 81-93 In Memoriam Remembering Marvin Minsky Kenneth D. Carter, Adnan Darwiche, Blaz Fortuna, Yannick Francillette, Sébastien Gaboury, C. Wallace, Toby Walsh, Michael Witbrock, Jie Zhang 37(3): Fall 2016, 99-108 The International Competition of Distributed and Multiagent Planners (Co DMAP) Antonín Komenda, Michal Stolba, Daniel L.

And what he is, is—and you'll see this in the way he plays, the way he works, the way he loves, even the way he does his laundry—the man is an engineer, and such an engineer that if you were to look deep into his cells, down to the DNA where the rest of us have AAs and CCs and TTs and GGs he has, I haven't seen this, but I'm sure it's true, he has E-N-G-I-N-E-E-R. At only 20, he built what was then one of the world's smallest self-contained autonomous robots. So I was ostracized violently from the African American community in high school and didn't quite fit into the Honors community, because they were all white. The goal of dating is to get married at some point in time. So his life now includes Dara and the worms, and the ants, the job, the classes, the robots, and he keeps constantly adjusting his system so he can keep doing it all.

Its chief historical origins as narrative, philosophical or didactic device are to be found in classical Greek and Indian literature, in particular in the ancient art of rhetoric.

James Mc Lurkin is an award-winning robotics engineer who gets inspiration from an unlikely source: his ant farm. He was Senior Lead Research Scientist at a major robotics company. If this program works, robots here, who are Part A robots, will gather and play together. The prelude..the theme..oh, it looks like they've gotten stuck. And I know it's probably less than one out of a million. So, okay, well, then, if I don't know what the number is, I need to then just try to meet as many women as I can.

Each ant is a simple creature with simple rules governing its behavior, yet the colony as a whole performs complex tasks—a lesson Mc Lurkin has adapted to develop a swarm of disposable robots for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. PBS air date: January 25, 2005 Now I want you to meet somebody who is...well, he is what he is. pants, and the plaid shirts, the big 'fro, kind of was... Now the goal became "let's get to the first date," and then you get down to the key, which is "I might be interested in them. " "Worm-loving" did not appear on his flow chart, but they clicked.

Certain video game genres, such as visual novels and dating sims, revolve almost entirely around these character interactions and branching dialogues.

Nabaztag was a Wi-Fi enabled ambient electronic device in the shape of a rabbit, invented by Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mével, and manufactured by the company Violet.

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