Matt leblanc not dating andrea anders

There have been plenty of rumours about girls he’d been hanging out with as well.

Considering that he had had plenty of opportunity to meet other women, this question is not exactly unwarranted.

Maybe the supposed cheating scandal was the final straw – Matt Le Blanc and longtime girlfriend Andrea Anders announced they’re officially calling it quits.

It was only a few months ago that Le Blanc was caught in the middle of a sticky – err, female – situation at a Halloween masquerade party.

The mag reports that Le Blanc, who was dressed as a masked crusader, hooked up with "several scantily clad women" during the big bash, and added, "He maintained a low profile earlier in the night, but around a.m., he started getting very flirty with the bottle service girls."Well, E!

Courteney split from her fiancé Johnny Mc Daid in November after a year and a half together.

The former "Friends" star parted ways with his actress girlfriend after dating her for about eight years. I dont talk to him." "I don't know if my marriage was doomed to fail," he also said.

The couple reportedly decided to break up some time ago.

Matt’s own father (himself married at least nine times) claimed that Matt had had an affair with Jennifer Anniston.

Both vehemently denied that, of course, and Matt doesn’t even talk to his father anymore because of these apparently false claims. The little girl, Marina, was diagnosed with neurological issues before she was even a year old. The seizures impeded the girl’s development and she wasn’t able to walk or talk like other children her age.

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And now, a month later, a source from Top Gear has reportedly told The Sun: ‘This has become a romance.

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