Love dating sim girls 2 walkthrough

Choose your character and go to the Hina Inn where you get to meet a lot of girls.Your basic goal is to get a Hina girl and gain as much money and experience as possible. Girls Bravo Sim Dating 3.97 Increase your positive mood and try out Girls Bravo Sim Dating.This is an interesting anime game with female vocals.

You'll start as strangers and as you interact(talk) with them, your relationship will level up to friends, good friends, close friends and best friends.However Miharu goes back with him and that’s the point when all the troubles begin.Your task is to choose your date and make the best choice by your opinion and see if you were right.The actual gameplay comes down to just making decisions. List of fetishes: Public Groping Corruption Lesbian Anal Family Sex -Added Day 3 -2 New girls added -Ada’s body proportions slightly adjusted for all day 3 and future scenes -Slight changes in dialogue to previous days -Fixed a bug that made the day 2 Elly end scene harder to get than it was meant to be -Main menu UI changes Notes: I was thinking I’d make this update in a patch format, but I found a way to make the entire game extremely small, so that’s not really necessary If you find bugs or other weirdnesses, please tell me somewhere be it through my patreon, twitter or even email I realize Elly’s corruption is going from 0-100 real quick in this update, it’s fast by design for story reasons.Right off the bat you’ll meet your two children Ada and Elly whom you form a Strong bond with. Ada’s corruption will be slower if you’re in to that Also just a heads up, day four will be the longest day yet and will take more time to develop than previous days.

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