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No, some of these examples in real life AREN’T cool. I guess it’s welcome when the girl LIKES the guy, but in REAL LIFE, that’s still a bit crazy to have a guy constantly know where you are. Christian Grey likes to literally “control” his women. But, he also likes to control where Anna works, and what she drives… Women don’t like to be told what to do, or what to wear, etc. I can see on one hand this is appealing to most girls, and on the other hand, how this is very unhealthy for relationships.

Being obsessed with a girl and having no friends is not what healthy relationships are made of. We wonder when you’re gonna call us in the early stages of dating and thinking about guys is fun. To Be or Not to Be: Don’t obsess about your girl to the point that you want to control her. Let the girl be herself, do her own thing, but tell her that you think of her and miss her when she’s not around. C’mon, girls, you know a “night out with the guys” could entail one of the single guys to enlist his friends to be his wingmen to get a girl.

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The "Streatham" portrait is an oil painting on panel from the 1590s believed to be a later copy of a portrait of the English noblewoman Lady Jane Grey dating to her lifetime (1536/1537–54).

It shows a three-quarter-length depiction of a young woman in Tudor-period dress holding a prayer book, with the faded inscription "Lady Jayne" or "Lady Iayne" in the upper-left corner.

It is in poor condition and damaged, as if it has been attacked.

Meanwhile, Owen receives life-changing news that pushes Amelia to step up to support him, and Alex attends a medical conference after making a shocking discovery.

Hello Gentlemen, Today we’re gonna have some fun with romance books turned into movies and how they’re emulating through media.

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