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One of the earliest dating reality shows was , a show that featured one bachelorette grilling a trio of prospective suitors. The people looking for dates could hear the contestants' answers to their questions, but they couldn't *see* them.

Dating reality shows now are all about high drama and lots of tears. By far one of the most popular formats for the best dating reality shows is that of ABC's .

A remarkable mummified body has been discovered in Nazca, Peru.

While mummies can draw attention, this particular find may alter the story of human origins.

Nearly 15 million Americans work a permanent night shift or regularly rotate in and out of night shifts, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That means a significant sector of the nation’s work force is exposed to the hazards of working nights, which include restlessness, sleepiness on the job, fatigue, decreased attention and disruption of the body’s metabolic process.

The crouched mummified body of a humanoid figure with an elongated skull and three fingers on each hand is certainly fascinating, but is it real?

Our bodies and brains evolved to relax and cool down after dark and to spring back into action come morning.Now that Sean Penn's no longer married, it'll be interesting to see what Hollywood starlets he hooks up with.Will he fall for the roster of famous babes that end up in celebrity sex tapes?Also, if you know of a reality dating show that's missing, add it to the list!You can even re-watch some of these dating programs on Netflix!

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