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When you cash in part of your Bond, at least £500 must remain in the Bond to keep it open.

​​​John was left in hysterics when he saw his granny May had said "please" and "thank you" to Google when shy typed in a question she wanted the search engine to answer.

They decided to meet in person, began a relationship and got married three years later, after Ovi moved into Stillwell’s home in Ashington, West Sussex. Gospel Star Gloria Muliro Reveals The dejected granny says she had already spent over KSh 3,950,000 on the Kenyan man by funding his numerous travels abroad for what he said were businesses.(Please scroll down to see photos of the couple)A dejected 61-year old British granny has come out to reveal her devastation after learning that a Kenyan man she married in 2012 and spent colossal sums of money on is a serial cheat with 47 other women across the globe.READ ALSO: Kisii Wife To Refund 200K Bride Price For Divorcing Husband Judith Stillwell says she met Elias Ovi online on a social media dating platform and got convinced that he was the man she needed in her life after a previous marriage ended in chaos and agony.In a screenshot shared on Twitter by John, Granny May wrote: "Please translate these roman numerals mcmxviii thank you." Apparently when challenged on her silver surfing politeness, 85-year-old May Ashworth thought it was normal — bless!Also, before the bots take over — Ben John was keen for Google to get a glimpse of his granny's googling manners.

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READ ALSO: Study Reveals The Perfect Age To Get Married But the shock of her life came when she was updating her computer and realized Ovi’s e-ticket was for Australia and not Dubai where he had said he was headed for.

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  1. It should be noted, Calhoun is of legal age and a consenting adult, so this latest situation isn’t exactly comparable to those incidents. Kelly was reportedly spotted alongside Calhoun at the Atlanta club, Gold Room.