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Everyday we see the word "love," one of the most abused words in the dictionary.People tell us how much they love this, or love that, or even love each other...But every now and then, it is good to be in a situation where you are forced to throw your full weight of dependence back onto the only shoulders strong enough to carry you. DISCUSS If not you, think of someone you know who's enduring a season like this.In crying out to God, you find out in time how good, how redemptive He really is. Determine how you can be an encouragement to him or her.I remember lying down on the very bed my dad had died in only months before, feeling my heart beginning to race at a frightening level. M., pumping propane and battling subzero temperatures. It was pitch black except for the twinkling stars on that brutally cold night.There I was, totally confused about what was going on in my life. I remember raising my fist and face heavenward against that winter sky and crying out loud to God, "What in the world are You doing?Barbara shared yesterday about some events that occurred during one of the most challenging seasons of our marriage.

Have you ever been confused and cried out to God in a similar way?

Share them with your beloved and chart how you will live out your beliefs and values together. That’s nice, but it’s more important to talk about what God means to you, what spiritual practices you find meaningful, and how you can support each other once you are married.

If only one spouse believes that faith is important, how does he or she stay motivated to attend services if the other is sleeping or recreating?

They are the marks of carefully guarded relationships with people and with God.

Submission without purity and reverence has no potency, but when someone is the recipient of your humble submission and realizes that it springs not from his or her power over you but from your relationship with God, the person is changed by the experience.

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