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, Ellen cheated on Portia with a mutual friend just before Portia entered rehab in May.Apparently Ellen’s infidelity drove Portia to drink, thus sending her to rehab. A source explained: Portia de Rossi and Ellen De Generes’ marriage has been a red hot topic of discussion on the internet.

According to an earlier report by those who know Ellen and Portia say that the two are determined to stay together and to make their marriage work.But ever since ABC created the monster that is The Bachelor at the turn of the century, the quest to find true love on TV has become a season-long process more arduous than a presidential campaign. , just about every romantic reality show to air in the past decade has been built on this model.Indeed, instead of offering a few pithy quips, contestants are now expected to claw each other’s eyes out, serve up a never-ending stream of tear-jerking back stories and essentially act like the world’s worst human beings, all in the name of extra screen time.According to , Portia’s self-esteem issues have a lot to do with what’s going on in her marriage.Many believe that Portia has pushed Ellen away, and Ellen cheated because she was tired of Portia’s constant misery. For starters, there really aren’t any reports out there saying that Ellen and Portia are doing great and that the rumors are bologna.

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A word-of-mouth success, the show gradually became one of the Channel 4 network’s flagship hits; 69 episodes, including several celebrity specials, have aired since.

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