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There are surely more than 10 relationship milestones worthy of mention, but here’s a sample of my top picks:1.The first time one of you develops a new interest or hobby.Not overanalyzing whether or not to send that text.4. Not freaking out when they don't text you back quickly or even relatively quickly.5. Gchatting each other regularly during the work day.7. During their eight-month relationship, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have already welcomed in the New Year together, met each other's friends and family, been on vacation, and even picked out a Christmas tree together — so what other key moments can we expect to see this year?It was reported that Meghan met Prince William and Prince Charles last year, and has recently spent time with Kate and Princess Charlotte, so what's still to come?

Nothing stamps "official" on a relationship more than attending a wedding à deux — if a dating couple knows they're not heading that way themselves, it's not necessarily an event they would want to attend together, but if they think they might be headed for the aisle then it just adds to the excitement.Harry's best friend, Tom Inskip, is set to marry in Jamaica in March, and it's looking like Meghan will be Harry's date.It's likely to be pretty secluded so even arrivals would be private, but inside the wedding Meghan would be meeting Harry's whole extended friend group.These challenges are never easy, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: if you pass all the challenges, it may be the proof you need that you’re in the loving arms of “the one”.There’s an old saying that the most important argument you will ever have in a relationship is the very first one.

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