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With such sunny, mild weather, people get to spend a lot of time outside.Take a hike along the Rimrocks sandstone cliffs, or go bike riding in the hills.The team sit Paisley down and explain: “Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to go on a second date.”“That hurts,” she says as her eyes begin to fill with tears.“Why did he not want to see me again?” The experts tell her that she went out on a mate date.But for one in five kits, it's unknown why the kits weren't submitted for testing, which Fox called troubling.Most of the untested kits are from between 2005 to 2015, and the oldest dates back to 1995.

That’s what happened to Tattoo Fixers star Paisley Billings on last night’s episode of Celebs Go Dating.

The state also will add personnel to track the kits, counsel victims and investigate when DNA from the kits result in rape suspects being identified."We look forward to ensuring that unsubmitted sexual assault kits in Montana are tested, to helping bring closure to a horrific event in the lives of survivors, to serving justice to perpetrators and to protecting our citizens," Fox said.

Some of the kits, which are used to collect DNA and other evidence after a sexual assault, weren't tested because the victims were not willing to come forward or couldn't be found, or else because the evidence wasn't needed.

Law enforcement agencies had not turned them over to the state crime lab in Missoula, which does all of the testing.

Those submitted to the crime lab have all been tested, state officials have said. In Colorado, for example, a 2013 state law required authorities to clear the state's backlog of untested rape kits. Department of Justice gave Montana million of the million it awarded to state, tribal and local governments to process sexual assault kits earlier this week. Four people will be hired as part of the three-year project.

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  1. Other elements must be used to date older materials, including Moon rocks. Use Add that breccias and soils have been forming throughout the Moon’s history, and they will continue to form through ongoing impacts. As you discuss each sample, invite the children to touch an Earth rock or soil of the same type.