Dating guys with bad reputations

Being 'easy' can sometimes lead young, innocent girls to be disliked by friends, acquaintances, and generally anyone.

It can also cause someone to be easily taken advantage of and misunderstood.

Changing Your Social Interactions Perceiving Yourself in a Different Manner Seeking Professional Help Community Q&A Being seen as "easy" is similar to being deemed as promiscuous and loose with your morals, especially in the realm of sexuality.

Imagine how simple your love-life could be if you just agreed to that rule of thumb? No matter who you are, how desperate you feel, how long you’ve been single or how badly you’re looking for a date, please do yourself a favor and avoid these 10 guys like the plague: The Sort Of Spiritual Guy This is the nice guy most girls would fall for.

He may go to church on Sundays, have good morals and even say the right things. His life has hints of Jesus (or so you tell yourself), instead of being The Not That Into You Guy I don’t know what it is about this guy, but let me warn you—he’s addicting.

Maybe that will help you get to know him a bit better first, so that you can understand why he does what he does.

But sometimes it’s easier said than done, isn’t it? He lets you choose everything because he wants whatever makes you happy, even when it comes to your spiritual life.

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