Dating a nerdy chick

When you’re over at your friend’s house to play a game, he might as well just hush up now.

You’re going to be talking about your next strategic move or the game which he totally doesn’t understand.2.

Pouring her beautiful body into a tight black slip, Missa stretched herself languidly across her new couch, writhing around and letting her desire build to a crescendo before peeling off her sexy onyx lingerie.

Letting her pert, puffy nipples peek out over the top of her bustier and her plump rump pop from her lacy panties, Missa finally unleashed all of her toned and tanned body before flitting her fingertips over her perfect pierced pussy.

Finding a guy who doesn’t understand this world and your struggles can cause for some interesting nights.

Geeky girls are a breath of fresh air – much like the inhaler they might keep inside of their canvas satchels (alongside some pamphlets on quantum theories).Consider this: If your Mac Book breaks, she'll probably be able to repair the problem sans Applecare.Nerdy Chick Fucked In A Library The ravishing Missa has never been good at waiting.You’re the girl everyone pretends to be friends with.The girl who knows that everyone just wants to get close to you so they can copy your homework or get you to pick them for the group project. You care about your grades, you play games people find nerdy and weird, and enjoy intellect conversations.

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  1. Despite getting engaged in 2006, the pair called off their engagement in 2009 with Brian saying: "Marriage isn't a realistic goal for someone who is 23." The couple rekindled their relationship, however, and Brian proposed again in June 2010, with the pair getting wed just 24 days later.