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Ludacris is the co-founder of Disturbing tha Peace, an imprint distributed by Def Jam Recordings.Ludacris has won Screen Actors Guild, Critic's Choice, MTV, and Grammy Awards.Served As Pilot Aboard The Columbia Space Shuttle On Mission STS - 58The Devil and Max Devlin, Miracle on Ice, Magnum P. Diamonds Are Forever (Bond Girl Plenty O'Toole), Peyton Place, Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer, The Fall Guy, Starsky and Hutch, Police Story, Baretta, Mission Impossible, The Wild Wild West, The Fugitive, Bonanza, Sister Of Actress Natalie Wood The Howling II, Hercules, Chained Heat, Battle Beyond The Stars, L. Bounty, Warrior Queen, The Tomb, Reform School Girls, Ranked The Worlds Number One Female Action Star By Entertainment Tonight, Celebrated As The Sex Symbol Of The Year By Roger Ebert ESPN Commentator, All Star Pitcher.I., Fantasy Island, Charlie's Angels, Appeared As The Lead Female In Two Of The Greatest Rock Music Videos Of All Time - "Do You Think I'm Sexy" (with Rod Stewart) and "Hot For Teacher" (with Van Halen)Jason X (Appeared As Jason - A Charactor Most Movie Experts Regard As One Of The Most Terrifying In Horror Movie History), Friday the 13th Part VII The New Blood, Friday the 13th Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday, Pumpkinhead II - Blood Wings, Wishmaster, Children of the Corn V - Fields of Terror, Monster (2003), The Horror Hall of Fame, Alias, V. 16-year pitching career for the Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Dodgers and the Oakland A's.The WWE have brought in a batch of new wrestlers this week and one new addition in particular is sure to get fan's speculating on just what he is capable of after a photo showing he and Arnold Schwarzenegger has emerged.26-year-old Australian Chris Atkins, who signed to a WWE developmental deal this week, can be seen posing alongside the former bodybuilder turned actor turned politician in a LA gym.In 2001, he released Word of Mouf, followed by Chicken-n-Beer in 2003 and The Red Light District in 2004.

better known by his stage name Ludacris, is an American rapper and actor.

Indeed, the deal and subsequent photo come in the wake of former WWE Superstar Davey Boy Smith Jr who only yesterday criticizied Vince Mc Mahon and co for shying away from hiring talent with "prior experience" in favor of individuals they can "gel" in their own way based largely on big muscles and stature.

Chris Atkins may not have any experience on the United States indie wrestling scene but that doesn't mean he arrives at the WWE facility with no wrestling training at all.

Using a variety of disguises and posing as rich old men and women they begin the set-up, ...

See full summary » Parents in a small, conservative community don't think that the sex drive is a normal thing for children to experience.

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His next record, Battle of the Sexes, was released in 2010 and featured the tone of his previous albums. As an actor, he has appeared in films including Crash (2004), Gamer (2009), and New Year's Eve (2011).

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  1. A young woman dating a guy who is significantly older than her is not only very exciting but also gives a lot of experience. As long as you have a sizzling chemistry with your companion, there is nothing else that needs to be considered.