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he following is the plot synopsis of the film that plays in my mind when I listen to Bill Callahan’s new album, Dream River: Fade in on a guy sitting at a hotel bar. After I rattled off my long-winded spiel, I feared that he would be silent for about 73 beats and then curtly dismiss me for reading too much into his modestly stitched, ruggedly handsome, and deceptively low-key country-folk tunes.

The repetitiveness of his patter with the bartender — “beer … Right away I told him my theory about how the eight songs on his latest album (which comes out September 17) tell a nonlinear story operating on dream logic, and how the plot appears to be a metaphor for life’s journey from a solitary existence to romantic companionship and then back to a solitary existence for the inevitable trip into the eternally dark void.

Over the years Cat Power has continued to visit Australia on a semi-permanent basis (usually in our summer) and has appeared in solo mode and trio mode, in pubs, dining rooms and theatres and most recently with the services of ‘Dirty Delta Blues’, a purpose-built five-piece combo featuring Dirty Three drummer Jim White and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion guitarist Judah Bauer.

The size of the shows have also built since then and in recent times Cat Power has appeared on the main stage at the Pyramid and Days Like These Festivals as well as headlining sold-out performances at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre, Brisbane’s Powerhouse and Tivoli Theatres, Melbourne’s Forum Theatre and Perth’s Astor Theatre, amongst many others.

Recovered and ready, Chan Marshall a/k/a Cat Power returns as promised with a new set of dates, same select venues.

Tickets for all previous shows remain valid for the new dates with a on-sale date of Friday 4th March set for all remaining tickets.

Follow-up visits have included both band and solo excursions and have included festival slots at Meredith, Golden Plains, MONA FOMA, Sydney Festival, PIAF and headline shows in some of the country’s premier venues. Marshall, alongside Jakob Dylan (son of Bob), has lent her stunning vocals to a duo-rendering of , a lost classic from sixties mavericks The Turtles.In 1932, a group of 21 African-American artists and intellectuals, including Langston Hughes, traveled from Harlem to the Soviet Union.The trip was part of an outreach effort by the Meschrabom-Film studio, which hoped to produce a propagandistic feature film, , criticizing segregation and racism in the U. The intention was to forge solidarity between the stars of the Harlem renaissance and the international Communist cause.The track is a feature of Echo In The Canyon an all-star indie tribute to the California folk-sound and artists of that era including The Beach Boys, The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Love and of course, The Turtles.The tribute includes live performances and an album (due in 2016) both of which feature Cat Power, Fiona Apple, Beck, Jakob Dylan and others.

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Most likely, Chan Marshall was born in 1972 (her star sign is Aquarius).

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