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So Pete starts to find out who Ylva Uunilintu is and what does she mean to his life.

Pete’s path to the unknown takes him from the ancient cave people’s matriarchy, the clan of The Wolf Tamers to a steampunk mansion and further to the cyberpunk survival camp in the year 2035. If you could jump high, teleport from a place to place in a second, meet avatars (and the people they represent) from other countries.

Pick up all the free stuff you can find and play with it.

Eros Island, formerly known as 3Dchat, provides a comprehensive social networking environment and MMORPG designed for an adult-only audience.

This environment includes a social network, a complete virtual 3D world and the chat client!

In Eros Island you can interact in an environment that very closely resembles your preferred real world social environments which can include activities like going to a restaurant, realistic interactions with other players, playing games in the arcade, and busting a move in the nightclub!

Google has banned the adult content, taking complaints from other Lively users very seriously.

This type of censorship is another example of the difference between SL and Lively.

SL is a 3D virtual reality, it’s an interactive graphics chat world, SL is a game and a playground, it’s all about sex, it’s a role playing game, people in SL have relationships and families, it’s an online community, it’s all about money, SL players spend real money, people with various skills make real money, SL can be experienced for free, SL is for geeks, SL allows the “socially handicapped” to connect, SL supports charity (e.g.

Lively doesn’t currently support any user-generated content and avatars must be clothed at all times.

This fact hasn’t stopped Lively users from setting up sex rooms fully equipped with live action streaming videos and quickly topping the charts on the home page.

In Second Life, the sex industry is booming as the Lindens decided to take a more laissez-faire approach to content. COM Lively Room) Here’s what other long time Second Life residents have to say about Lively: ( Charlana Beresford’s Second Life avatar and her avatar in Google’s Lively) Truth be told, Lively is underwhelming and can best be described as a 3D chat.

While hardcore Second Life users may find little value in what Lively has to offer; others not as familiar with the virtual experience will likely enjoy it’s limited capabilities. These factors alone almost ensure that it will become the ‘Myspace’ of the 3D Web. I believe it might work well as an initial exposure to virtual worlds, but there seem to be enough limitations that anyone used to operating in a virtual world would find it constraining.

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